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General Dentistry

Oftentimes when we think of the dentist we think of general dentistry.  Going to the dentist usually involves getting your teeth cleaned, getting a cavity filled, getting a tooth pulled or getting braces, but we all know as we age, going to the dentist can involve a lot more than that.  For those individuals who don’t want to get to the point where root canals and crowns are needed, frequent trips to your general dentist can keep those teeth ailments at bay.  Patients who visit their dentist every six months for regular check ups and cleanings find that they are over 70% less likely to develop tooth decay—decay that can lead to painful, expensive dental procedures.

The fact of the matter is everyone needs a dentist, but finding a good general dentistry practice is not always the easiest feat to accomplish.  For those individuals who have recently moved to a new area, or are just simply in need of finding a new dentist, you may be putting it off because you don’t know where to start. Knowing the most important factors that go into a good dentist will make it easier for you to choose a dentist for you and your family.  The most important factors that should go into finding a reputable dentist in your area are education, needs, staff, hours of operation and insurance.

Education: The most important factor involved in finding a general dentistry practice is experience and education. Before choosing a dentist, be sure he or she attended an accredited dental school and has the experience you need. In addition, if you or your family members\ need specialized work done, be sure that your potential dentist has participated in that type of training and/or can recommend an experienced dentist who has.

Needs: Your personal needs are also very important when choosing a dentist. If you need a lot of cosmetic or surgical work done, then you will want to choose a dentist that either specializes in those types of procedures or can recommend someone who does. In addition, if you need a dentist your child or children, then you may want find a dentist that specializes in both general dentistry and pediatric dentistry. A pediatric dentist has the ability put your child at ease during a dental visit.

Staff: When finding a reputable general dentistry practice in your area, you are finding more than just a good dentist.  From the front end staff and dental hygienists to x-ray technicians and medical records personnel, you want your dental experience to be a good one.  When researching possible dentists in your area, take the time to see how their operation works, and whether or not your appointments will be simple and straightforward.  In addition, take into consideration the office set up.  Are the exam rooms clean?  Do they offer patients privacy?  Do patients spend a lot of time waiting for their appointments?  These are all questions you should answer before choosing a dentist.

Hours and scheduling: Does your dentist offer ease and convenience with appointment making? We all live hectic lives, and fitting in a dentist appointment isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  Finding a dentist in your area that offers a wide range of hours will benefit those individuals and families that lead full lives.  Having to constantly re-arrange your schedule in order to fit in a dentist appointment can get old fast, so be sure to take hours of operation and ease of scheduling into consideration when finding a dentist.

Insurance: Last but not least, finding a dentist that accepts the type of dental insurance you have is also very important.  Dental procedures can become quite expensive so any coverage you have can be helpful. Most general dentistry offices will file insurance claims so before choosing a dentist, be sure that your insurance is on their list.

Considering all of these factors before choosing a dentist will help you to find the dental practice that will best suit your individual needs.  Do research and find the general dentist that will work best for you.

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